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The latest figures, the number of stores SKECHERS China has reached 750, while its stores in 160 countries and regions, only just approaching 1050, which means that more than 70% of the stores in China. SKECHERS in China then what happened? What got it right? Domestic consumers Nike, Adidas and other brands are familiar, almost no one noticed Cage, but the latter appears with increasing frequency in the mall and shopping center. Cage is not time to enter China early in 2007 with the Hong Kong listed company Luen Thai Group, Luen Thai Enterprises Ltd. signed a cooperation agreement, the formal establishment of the joint venture, which means SKECHERS brand officially entered China in the same year. But quickly extended to the end of 2008, SKECHERS in China has 91 stores, as of October 2012, SKECHERS has 170 retail outlets, as of now, this figure has increased to 750. It is noteworthy that, SKECHERS at the 2008 Beijing Olympics on the eve of entering China, the domestic sporting goods market wound up staying at the last moment before the dark carnival. From 2008 until now, the sporting goods market experienced a decline downturn “golden years” after 2012, especially in inventory liquidation, closed shop filled the entire industry, but Cage is the expansion at this time. Statistically, more than 72% of its stores in 2012, and later opened. And the rest of the world countries and regions are different, the domestic brand covers 750 Direct and agents, while other stores are SKECHERS global brand Direct. And other foreign brands to enter China, “in which the city’s landmark shopping district, the most influential large shopping center or mall,” SKECHERS is preferred.
In the industry view, the decline of the industry but to enter Cage provides a rare space, Nike, Adidas have opened factory shop liquidation inventory and enter the four-tier cities, second-tier market is actually in a unattended gap period, the difficulty of entering relatively low. In addition, the product SKECHERS casual side, in fact, abandoned the sporting goods market is the rise of a large background casual fashion products. There’s SKECHERS men, women, children of all footwear is probably more than 3,000 categories, including recreational sports, street and leisure, running, basketball and skating series, many of its stores in the United States is a one-stop family shopping, but their entry into China is the main casual comfort, now slowly beginning to highlight its running features such types of products. SKECHERS China Limited Chief Executive Officer Willie introduced SKECHERS footwear offers two categories of characteristics, is focused on a comfortable life of leisure series, including Relaxed Fit fitness and leisure series, containing SKECHERS “Memory Form” technology shoes product and SKECHERS BOBS series; the other is the SKECHERS sport functional categories, including running shoes and SKECHERS SKECHERS GOrun GOwalk vigorous shoes. In recent years, according to sales data feedback, both categories in China have achieved very good sales performance, which also proved Skechers for different categories of consumer demand can provide appropriate products and services. Especially the last two years running domestic hot rise, not only in the sports brand is adjusting caught a straw, but also to niche sports brand known by consumers quickly, Cage also benefited from this trend. In Willie opinion, running extremely common in developed countries this movement began to become increasingly popular in the country, from the country a few years several large degree of popular marathon is enough to explain this trend. “We will set up the next line under some large stores, the United States more and more rich style to the Chinese consumers.” Robert Greenberg SKECHERS CEO, said, “With three consecutive quarters of record breaking sales, SKECHERS expected 2014 revenues to new highs. ” According to Beijing Daily reporter, SKECHERS third quarter sales of $ 674.3 million, compared to $ 515.8 million. According to Willie revealed that in 2014, SKECHERS brand in China operated stores, franchises and electricity supplier channels total sales increase of more than 62% of total sales in 2013, and the total number of stores the company plans in 2015 over 1000 . In addition to the line speed up shop layout, the online channel is also the focus can not ignore a Cage. “Now the consumer shopping habits change, the customer who bought something online is not necessarily because of the price advantage-driven, more because of habit and convenience, can undertake online and offline because of the limit on the number of styles, sizes and lack of Purchasing Guide tips and other causes of loss of audience. “Chen Weili representation. From 2007 to now SKECHERS first entered China, the domestic sporting goods market has experienced several rounds of updates, a huge population base means a huge market potential waiting to brand development. “We believe that the most important thing as a sports brand that accurately grasp rapidly changing consumer product demand and accordingly the appropriate products and services.” Willie thought, “sporting goods industry and many industries, in the development process inevitably encounter ups and downs of the environment, the prospects for the industry in terms of population in the public increasingly concerned about the movement and health trends, new business opportunities coming round. “