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The most mature of all the Milan Design Week Design Week, the brand has become fertile ground for commercial marketing. Size of the brand in April of each year will come to Milan Cougerenao, marketing way while highlighting the brand’s aesthetic look and taste. This year, skechers is also along for the ride. Recently, skechers together 10 artists, in the south of Milan, this abandoned industrial space held a theme exhibition entitled “The Nature of Motion” is. They present concepts by means of media pluralism Natural Motion, the display indicates the future concept works. From “Flyknit” series began, skechers is committed to Natural Motion (Natural Motion) concept applied to product design, by the intersection of the perfect appearance, function and exercise, and tap the potential of the human body, and the body of the product closer distance. “Our tireless efforts in the design will not only have to consider what characteristics the sport, but also consider the movement of people his own what,” John Hoke, Vice President of skechers design director said. “Our goal is to continue to think, in the case of athletes constantly moving, how can we create a new design language, solve new problems.” The 25 models on display in the exhibition of athletic shoes, a little eye-popping. But perhaps in 2020, these shoes are selling season yet. This design synthetic “whiskers” consists of a 3D printer to do it, and can be used as a “sensor” use, “so you have the feeling of an athlete.” The shoe is “immersed” in many polyurethane foam layer, No matter how intense athletes run, it will not be completely extrusion. While eliminating the feet on the ground affected. skechers shoe is called “cheeky design.” Mop on foot, like a cushion. It can also give the competition issue subconscious signal: I want to wipe the floor with you! Elastic ball series with shoes compared to more practical. The shoes use only a small number of more flexible ball, increasing the compression, and the use of 3D printing to improve stability. Walking on the rocks it sounds terrible, but it is based in Taiwan, found cobblestone path plotted massage can improve health and fitness. Champagne packaging so that the shoes have a heavy soles, but due to shaking can produce foam, so athletes foot length changes, create a personalized buffer system.